How to Use Emergency Shower Eyewash?

Feb. 19, 2021

Eye wash is a necessary equipment for safety and labor protection, and is a necessary emergency and protection facility for exposure to toxic and corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis and organic substances. When the eyes or body of the site operator contact with toxic and harmful and other corrosive chemicals, the eyewash can be an emergency flush or shower for the eyes and body, mainly to avoid further harm caused by chemicals to the human body.

Eye wash is a kind of emergency protection equipment. When the material suddenly splashed on the body, face, eyes, you can use the eyewash first time to deal with their own, generally in the first flush 15 minutes, the eyewash is generally set up in the production plant with toxic substances hazards, dust and toxic hazards, low temperature hazards, high temperature hazards and chemical burn hazards, warehouses, tank areas, laboratories and open-air workplaces and other occasions need to set up emergency eyewash.

Emergency Shower Eyewash

When engaged in certain dangerous operations, such as oilfield mining, disease prevention, chemical industry, etc., a slight lack of attention may have harmful substances run into your eyes or other exposed places, which makes many people engaged in these industries a little afraid. For this reason, some necessary protective measures always have to be in place, and eye washers are also widely used in these industries, to give staff with practical protection.

How to Use Emergency Shower Eyewash?

1. The emergency shower eyewash can be used for emergency flushing of the eyes and face. When using, hold the eyewash hand push valve pull up the eyewash, open the eyewash dust cover, with the hand lightly push the hand push valve, clean water will be automatically sprayed from the eyewash nozzle. After use, the hand push valve must be reset and the dust cover reset.

2. Emergency eyewash sprinkler has two sets of devices: eyewash and sprinkler, which can be used for emergency flushing of the eyes and face, and can also be used for full-body showering, in which the eyewash is used in the same way as the physical and chemical room. When using the sprinkler, stand under the nozzle, pull down the valve puller, clean water will be automatically sprayed from the nozzle. Immediately after spraying, push up the valve puller to turn off the water.

Emergency shower eyewash

When an accident occurs, the victim must choose the shower time according to the degree of harmful substances, (it is recommended that more than 15 minutes of continuous flushing) during the preparation of emergency rescue measures. This product is used in emergency situations to temporarily slow down the harmful substances on the body, further treatment, follow the doctor's instructions

1. Eye wash and emergency eye spray are emergency devices, so always keep the surrounding area free of obstacles, easy to pick up and spray.

2. Eye wash and emergency eyewash sprinklers are used in emergency situations to temporarily relieve the further aggression of harmful substances on the eyes and body, and cannot replace medical treatment, and the more serious cases after flushing must be treated in hospital as soon as possible.

3. Emergency spray and eye wash is an indispensable emergency first aid device in the laboratory, we must carefully learn the relevant knowledge to ensure the normal use of emergency spray and eye wash, and be responsible for their own safety.

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